EMTEK High Pressure Diffuser

EMTEK is happy to offer a High Pressure Diffuser to assist in the testing of compressed air/gas systems for total air particulates. This diffuser can be used in conjunction with almost any Laser Particle Counter (LPC) on the market with a 1 CFM, or 28.3, 50, 75, or 100 LPM Flow Rates for testing of particles down to 0.3 microns. With the three piece construction of electro-polished 316SS, the unit itself generates virtually no particulate matter. It is ideal for accurate particulate monitoring of your Compressed Air and Gas Systems.

Standard High Pressure Diffuser

Specifications/Ordering Information

EMT HI-Pressure Diffuser Model# EMTEK.HPD1
HPD Material 316 Stainless Steel
HPD Flow/Use Requirements Electropolished
Model# EMTEK.HPD1 1 CFM, 28.3, 50,75 and 100 LPM
Laser Practice Counter(LPC)
HPD Pressure Requirements(Approx) 1CFM, 28.3, 50/15-18 to 125 PSI,
75 or 100 LPM/18-21 to 125 PSI
HPD Fittings/Adapters to drop 3/4 Sanitary Fitting
HPD Fittings/Adapters tubing to LPC 0.5″/0.375/0.25 OD (28.3/50 LPM)
0.500 OD (75/100 LPM)
HPD Dimensions 5.5 Length*1.25 OD
HPD Description EMTEK Total Particulate High Pressure Diffuser
HPD Part/Order # for
28.3/50 LPM LPC
75/100 LPM LPC