1. Sanitize the R2S(Sampler) and place at desired test location.Ensure that vacuum and power cable connections are secure

  2. Remove the dome assembly, retaining it over the sampler to minimize the risk of accidental contamination (false positive)

  3. Place the 100mm Test Plate (TSA) on turntable and remove the test plate lid

  4. Replace the dome assembly and ensure that dome is properly seated in the seal. Place the test plate lid next to sampler on a sanitizedurface

  5. Use the turntable adjustment knob to set the proper distance between the test plate and sample throat (2-3mm) as achieved when just touching the recieved indicator

  6. Ensure that correct sampling device is selected, and set desired test volume and test period,and start the sample cycle.

  7. Perform sampling during designated critical processing step or Quality control test being performed

  8. When test period is complete stop sample cycle, or the sample cycle will self terminate when desired test volume is obtained

  9. Remove the dome assembly and replace the test plate lid

  10. Remove the test place from the sampler, secure with tape and label with appropriate sample parameters.

  11. Replace the dome assembly to keep sample chamber contaminant free until the next test plate is employed.Place generated sample run on the test plate and submit to lab for procesiing