Filtered High Pressure Diffuser (HPD2 28.3/50 and 75/100 LPM)

Unique compressed air/gas sampling device, which allows for attachment and sampling of a compressed air/gas system with the use of a unique autoclavable high pressure diffuser, with filtered exhaust. The diffuser works in conjunction with EMTEK’s RCG Compressed Air/Gas Sampler, or P100 Portable Microbial Air Sampler, and laser particle counters for both microbial & total air particulate testing at 28.3, 50, 75, and 100 LPM.
MICRO HPD-SS-100P100 Comp air HPD2HPD2 Connected
Filtered High Pressure Diffuser Model# EMTEK.HPD2.
HPD Material 316L Stainless Steel
HPD Finish Body Electropolished
HPD Finish Inlet/Outlet Electorpolished
HPD Flow/Use Requirements 28.3/50 for 18-125 psi, or 75/100 for 21-125 psi
HPD Fittings/Adapters to Drop 3/4″ Sanitary Fitting
HPD Outlet to RCG/P100 Inlet
HPD Outlet to Particle Counter
0.5" Barb OD for 75/100LPM & Stepped for 
Smaller tubing ID's for 28.3, & 50 LPM 
(0.25", 0.375" and 0.5")
HPD Dimensions 5.5″ Height x 1.25″ OD
HPD Description Filtered High Pressure Diffuser
28.3/50 LPM HPD Complete Part/Order # EMTEK.HPD2.28.3/50.FILT
75/100 LPM HPD Part Complete/Order # EMTEK.HPD2.75/100.FILT


*Industrial Compressed Air/Gas Systems with adequate volumetric flow
The HPD Body can interchangeably use the 528.3/50 and 75/100 LPM inlet/outlets