Calibration Options for the R2S and RAS Air Samplers

Single Calibration Service by EMT
$275.00 / Calibration + Shipping Cost to-and-from EMT


  • Verify Sample Flow Rate Accuracy
  • Verfify Turntable Rotation Accuracy
  • Verify Sample Timer Accuracy
  • Supply NIST Traceable “As Found” and “As Left” Results


3-Year Calibration, Maintenance and Extended Warranty Package
$1,375.00 / Unit + Shipping Cost to-and-from EMT

Perform Semi Annual Calibrations (as described for Single Calibration Service)

Perform Preventive Maintenance

  • Replace HEPA exhaust filter as needed*
  • Replace Vaccum Lines/Power Cable as needed*
  • Replace dome assembly as needed*
  • Replace dome-to-base seal as needed*
  • Replace other parts as needed*
  • Perform General/Preventive Maintenance as needed*
  • Supply Purchaser with Maintenance Report, if maintenance is performed

Note: *”as needed”, due to normal wear from use/sanitization.

Extended Warranty
Perform Warranty Repair work, per terms of the EMT Standard One-year Warranty for an additional 2-Years, for a total period of 3-Years (or 36-months) from date of purchase.


Perform Your Own In-House Calibration
$2,750.00 / R2S Calibration Kit

deal for customers with multiple units. Saves substantial shipping cost when multiple units require calibration. Cost of annual calibration of standards is approximately $600.00 for NIST Traceable Calibration.

Calibration Kit, Includes:

  • Mass Flow Meter
  • Rotation Template
  • Digitial Thermometer
  • Digital Timer
  • NIST Traceable Calibration for Equipment Standards

Note: Components can be ordered separately as well. Call for current pricing