The Powerful R2S Air Sampler

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R2S Microbial Air SamplerAt Emtek, we know that the tools you use to do your job are as important as the expertise you bring to your field. Powerful, easy to use air monitoring equipment is critical if you want to accomplish your goals without worrying about sample corruption or contamination of the environment you are testing. That’s why we work hard to build only the finest in microbial air sampling technology.

The R2S air sampler: Remote-Slit-Sampler

About the R2S

The R2S air sampler is operated by EMTEK’s V100 Controller system. With this, it offers a host of convenient and effective advantages in microbial air sampling, designed to assist you in your daily work. It may be operated at three different sample rates, 28.3, 50, and 100 LPM, and provides for optimal organismal recovery to accommodate regulatory guidelines, simplifies the enumeration of organisms and quickly and easily allows you to calculate the number of organisms per volume of air tested. The goal of this air sampler is simple: Provide top-notch results with user friendly operation.

With the R2S, due to the known media stage rotation over the sampling period, the estimated time of recovery of viable bacterial organisms can be determined by you, and you can set it to provide up to 120 minutes of continuous active monitoring per sample cycle. Thanks to the design of the unit, loss of bacterial organisms due to desiccation is minimal — this provides a more accurate analysis of your air quality.

The R2S generates practically no particulate matter and provides sampling and bacterial recovery at the point of operation. It’s designed to give you the ability to completely sanitize all of its exposed surfaces, and has very minimal calibration and maintenance requirements. Additionally, the device is only 5.5 inches tall and 5 inches in diameter, and may be operated remotely from the V100 Controller unit by over 75 feet, making it a convenient monitoring tool to use when working within limited and critical space. Our R2S air sampler is designed for use within Class 100/ISO 5 LAF hoods, isolators, fill lines and BSC and employs standard 90mm Agar plates to reduce the overall cost of monitoring.

Overall, the R2S is an incredible piece of air monitoring equipment, and one we are extremely proud to offer. If you need a bacterial air sampler , there’s no better solution on the market at a more affordable value.

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