V100 Controller

V100 Controller

V100 CONTROLLEROne of the most important elements of any air sampling protocol is correctly controlling your air samplers. Although most microbial air samplers on the market are stand alone devices, only offering the capability of single sample site operation, EMTEK provides a versatile solution that enables you to operate/control several samplers at once, if desired, lowering your cost per sample location.

The V100 Controller can operate multiple sampling heads (e.g., R2S. RAS. And RCG), from a single sampler and up to four (4), and offers multiple flow rates (i.e., 28.3, 50, and 100 LPM), dependent on your monitoring needs. It features an IR remote control, which can control up to 5 V100’s; an on-board thermal label printer, to output and affix to your test plate all key sample run parameters; the ability to view or output data to through a network connection; and a sample memory buffer, from which to later access and output sample run data It’s also lightweight and has a small footprint, enabling you to move it from location to location without any hassle.

Every function of the V100 is accessible via the device’s large LCD screen. The touch-based interface is designed to be simple and easy to understand and use, saving time in training and testing. The case also includes an anti-microbial agent, MicrobanTM that helps keep the V100 from harboring and transferring contaminants from one area to the next

At EMTEK, we take pride in developing and building the most clean room friendly, accurate, and user-friendly air samplers on the market. All of our products are built to stand up to years of tough use but are also built with space concerns in mind; we know that you have limited space in your critical work environments, and we strive to provide samplers that can do incredible amounts of work but still offer small profiles.

Our V100 Controller is designed to provide you with versatile and effective solutions that support your specific air sampling needs. With optimal biological as well as physical collection efficiency, the versatile V100 controller, in conjunction with EMTEK’s line of air sampling heads (i.e., R2S, RCG, or RAS) is able to offer a variety of sampling rates, and configurations, to cover both routine and process monitoring. This product is just one example of how we look to move air sampling technology forward. By centralizing and connecting your air sampling processes, the V100 makes your work more efficient and more accurate.

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Air Monitoring Equipment: Helpful Tips

Air monitoring is a critical component of many Quality Control systems Air monitoring equipment ensures that a work environment is safe for the people working in it, and helps prevent against the spread of contaminates. There are a few different things to consider when implementing an air sampling protocol if you’re looking to guarantee the best possible results.

Understand Environmental Contaminants
Different environments are prone to different types of contaminations, and have different monitoring requirements. In Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Hospital environments, the air in the clean room environments must be tested for both non-viable particulates (e.g. Dusts, skin flakes, aerosols, , pollen, etc.), as well as viable particulates (e.g., bacteria and mold). Different equipment is required for testing for these two different contaminants, which includes unique sampling equipment for collection and detection. It’s critical that you identify your specific needs before beginning an air sampling plan. Our V100 Controller with our R2S , RAS , or RCG sampling heads , and our P100 air samplers , for example, are designed for the capture of microbial particulates.

Picking a Volume and Rate
Every environment demands its own standard of testing. In some cases, a quick, small sample size is all you need to get an idea of the air quality. In others, you may need a longer sample collection period with a larger total volume, allowing you to gather more particulates and make more inferences about the work environment around the sampler. Different samplers offer different potential total capture volumes (10 cubic feet, cubic meter, etc.) and sample collection rates (e.g., 28.3, 50, or 100 LPM) – -always cross-reference these sampling parameters with your sampling requirements.

The Interface
Much like any other piece of high technology, the data collected from the air sampling equipment is most accurate when the operators using it are appropriately trained.. Spending some extra time or money to purchase a sampler that has an easy-to-use interface often pays big dividends in the end, as it limits the learning curve for new employees and gives you results that you can count on as accurate. User error is a consideration in any field, but user error (e.g., false positives and/or false negatives) with air sampling can have dire consequences (e.g., impact lot release, cause product loses, etc.),.

Overall, choosing air monitoring equipment demands a strong understanding of the fundamentals and a clear vision of your exact needs. Whatever it is that you’re hoping to get out of your equipment will depend on the sampling patterns you wish to follow, and there is sure to be a sampler that falls directly within those parameters. For more information about microbial air samplers please visit www.emtekair.com.