P100 Portable Microbial Air Sampler

P100 microbial air samplerWhen it comes to microbial air sampling, there’s no question that quality, convenience and performance matter. A faulty or inefficient air sampler can jeopardize product, or patients. Many models of air samplers aren’t truly built with quality, performance, and convenience in mind. That’s why we at EMTEK, with over 30 years of industrial environmental monitoring experience, are proud to have developed and now unveiled the all-new P100 Portable Microbial Air Sampler — a device we believe is destined to become a new industry gold standard.

First announced at the Interphex Show in New York, the P100 offers two CPU-controlled air sampling rates: 28.3 LPM and 100 LPM. Using these rates, you can either continuously monitor the environment or take quick cubic meter “grab” samples as needed. You can operate the P100 through the user-friendly LCD touch screen, or through your network via optional PC software. If you have more than one sampler, the software allows you to control and monitor them all from one convenient location.

The air you sample is HEPA filtered prior to exhaust at the unit, or remotely, and the device includes an infrared remote that gives you the ability to start, stop, and pause sampling events at will. The CPU allows for creation and storage, if desired, of numerous custom sampling plans, which contain chosen flow rate, total volume or time, and delay/test/hold patterns. It’s all about making monitoring easy for you.

Here are some other great features of the P100 microbial air sampler:

  • Capture and storage of parameters from 500 sample runs
  • CFR Party 11 regulatory compliant data control
  • Data Review/Deletion capabilities in the hands of a system admin
  • Data viewable via label printer, USB stick or PC software
  • 6-12 hours of battery life, dependent on flow rate
  • Lightweight and easy to transport-Includes Custom Carrying Case
  • Anti-microbial enclosure to prevent transfer of contaminants
  • Options Include: Remote PC Control Software, Horizontal Flow Inlet, Remote Sampling Kit, Portable Paper/Label Printer, and Compressed Air/Gas Sampling Kit

A microbial air sampler is a tool. Its purpose is to help you get your work done without hindering your ability or cause any disruptions to your process or critical environments. With the P100, you’ll have full control over your air sampling protocols with minimal effort, and with the ease to change sampling procedures immediately should circumstances require.

For more information please visit www.emtekair.com or contact us at 877.850.4244 with any questions.