Compressed Air and Sampling: Monitor Your Compressed Gas

Compressed Air and Sampling
It is of critical importance that Pharmaceutical facility process air and gas lines are monitored for microbial contaminants. While air sampling and other quality procedures are obviously required, regulatory standards demand that process air/gas systems used for production activities (e.g., product pushes, overlays, material blow down, etc.) receive routine quality testing, with the same level of quality oversight. The best tool for microbial testing of a compressed air/gas system is a properly designed microbial air sampler.

The RCG Confined Space Sampler

At Emtek, we have a long history of designing easy-to-use, accurate, and reliable air sampling equipment. We know that air monitoring is a key and vital component of your Quality Systems, and that it can impact your production of quality product on a daily basis. Without the right equipment, your tests could be compromised or worse, your product could be at risk of contamination.

That’s why we’ve developed the RCG Compressed Air and Gas sampler. It’s a compressed air/gas monitoring system designed to recover microbial organisms from these critical production systems, and it provides results that you can count on. The RCG is a remote Slit-to-Agar Impaction device that is so compact it can also serve as an ambient air sampler (e.g., as the R2S, or RCG Confined Space Sampler) in areas where most air sampler can’t, or shouldn’t be placed.

A few of the RCG specs include:

• Solid construction: Aluminum/316 stainless steel materials
• Simple cleaning and durability: Clear polycarbonate dome with inlet assembly
• Portable and convenient: 4 lb. weight, 7.5” by 5” diameter
• Flexible sampling: 0-40 minutes of monitoring per cycle
• Quick sampling: Operates at at 50 and 100 LPM for compressed air/gas testing
• Works in conjunction with the EMTEK Microbial High Pressure Diffuser

Compressed Air monitoring is a delicate science that requires only the best equipment. Our air sampling equipment is the best in the industry, and is backed by our incredible support staff and our guarantee that every product we make will exceed your expectations. At EMTEK, we know that manufacturing great equipment is just one small part of keeping clients satisfied. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have to help you find the right microbial air sampler. For more information please visit

The Powerful R2S Air Sampler

R2S Microbial Air SamplerAt Emtek, we know that the tools you use to do your job are as important as the expertise you bring to your field. Powerful, easy to use air monitoring equipment is critical if you want to accomplish your goals without worrying about sample corruption or contamination of the environment you are testing. That’s why we work hard to build only the finest in microbial air sampling technology.

The R2S air sampler: Remote-Slit-Sampler

About the R2S

The R2S air sampler is operated by EMTEK’s V100 Controller system. With this, it offers a host of convenient and effective advantages in microbial air sampling, designed to assist you in your daily work. It may be operated at three different sample rates, 28.3, 50, and 100 LPM, and provides for optimal organismal recovery to accommodate regulatory guidelines, simplifies the enumeration of organisms and quickly and easily allows you to calculate the number of organisms per volume of air tested. The goal of this air sampler is simple: Provide top-notch results with user friendly operation.

With the R2S, due to the known media stage rotation over the sampling period, the estimated time of recovery of viable bacterial organisms can be determined by you, and you can set it to provide up to 120 minutes of continuous active monitoring per sample cycle. Thanks to the design of the unit, loss of bacterial organisms due to desiccation is minimal — this provides a more accurate analysis of your air quality.

The R2S generates practically no particulate matter and provides sampling and bacterial recovery at the point of operation. It’s designed to give you the ability to completely sanitize all of its exposed surfaces, and has very minimal calibration and maintenance requirements. Additionally, the device is only 5.5 inches tall and 5 inches in diameter, and may be operated remotely from the V100 Controller unit by over 75 feet, making it a convenient monitoring tool to use when working within limited and critical space. Our R2S air sampler is designed for use within Class 100/ISO 5 LAF hoods, isolators, fill lines and BSC and employs standard 90mm Agar plates to reduce the overall cost of monitoring.

Overall, the R2S is an incredible piece of air monitoring equipment, and one we are extremely proud to offer. If you need a bacterial air sampler , there’s no better solution on the market at a more affordable value.

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P100 Portable Microbial Air Sampler

P100 microbial air samplerWhen it comes to microbial air sampling, there’s no question that quality, convenience and performance matter. A faulty or inefficient air sampler can jeopardize product, or patients. Many models of air samplers aren’t truly built with quality, performance, and convenience in mind. That’s why we at EMTEK, with over 30 years of industrial environmental monitoring experience, are proud to have developed and now unveiled the all-new P100 Portable Microbial Air Sampler — a device we believe is destined to become a new industry gold standard.

First announced at the Interphex Show in New York, the P100 offers two CPU-controlled air sampling rates: 28.3 LPM and 100 LPM. Using these rates, you can either continuously monitor the environment or take quick cubic meter “grab” samples as needed. You can operate the P100 through the user-friendly LCD touch screen, or through your network via optional PC software. If you have more than one sampler, the software allows you to control and monitor them all from one convenient location.

The air you sample is HEPA filtered prior to exhaust at the unit, or remotely, and the device includes an infrared remote that gives you the ability to start, stop, and pause sampling events at will. The CPU allows for creation and storage, if desired, of numerous custom sampling plans, which contain chosen flow rate, total volume or time, and delay/test/hold patterns. It’s all about making monitoring easy for you.

Here are some other great features of the P100 microbial air sampler:

  • Capture and storage of parameters from 500 sample runs
  • CFR Party 11 regulatory compliant data control
  • Data Review/Deletion capabilities in the hands of a system admin
  • Data viewable via label printer, USB stick or PC software
  • 6-12 hours of battery life, dependent on flow rate
  • Lightweight and easy to transport-Includes Custom Carrying Case
  • Anti-microbial enclosure to prevent transfer of contaminants
  • Options Include: Remote PC Control Software, Horizontal Flow Inlet, Remote Sampling Kit, Portable Paper/Label Printer, and Compressed Air/Gas Sampling Kit

A microbial air sampler is a tool. Its purpose is to help you get your work done without hindering your ability or cause any disruptions to your process or critical environments. With the P100, you’ll have full control over your air sampling protocols with minimal effort, and with the ease to change sampling procedures immediately should circumstances require.

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Sampling Benefits of R2S

R2S samplerWhen it comes to air sampling equipment, the slit-to-agar design is something of an industry standard. Regulatory guidance limits for air viables were actually based on recovery of microbial contaminants with slit-to-agar air samplers. It has existed for years and in that time has performed admirably, delivering incredibly accurate results in a wide variety of circumstances. At EMTEK Air, we believe that embracing existing technology is critical in moving the industry forward. That’s why EMTEK’s Patented R2S microbial air sampler incorporates the industry standard slit-to-agar sampling methodology you’ve come to expect, along with a few notable improvements.

The R2S air sampler provides optimal organismal recovery, as reflected in ISO 14698-1 driven validation testing performed. It simplifies the enumeration of recovered organisms and allows you to easily calculate the number of organisms per volume of air. Additionally, it offers up to 120 minutes of continuous, active monitoring per sample cycle. In short, the R2S is designed to provide you with the maximum amount of accuracy possible while simplifying some of the more complex and tedious elements of the air sampling process.

We’ve designed the R2S air sampler in a way that enhances its ability to collect samples. It’s only 5.5 inches tall and 5 inches in diameter, which means you can deploy it in almost any environment and it has a small cross-sectional area that minimizes laminar airflow disruption. The unit itself generates virtually no particulate matter, as well as samples and recovers bacteria at the point of operations. We’ve also built the device to ensure you can quickly and completely sanitize all exposed surfaces as needed – cross-contamination risks are minimal due to this design.

Additionally, the R2S as operated with our V100 Controller can operate up to 90 feet away from the controller and will filter and exhaust the sampled air volume at the controller unit outside of the critical environment. It is an ideal solution for Class 100, ISO 5, or Class A/B LAF hoods, isolators, fill lines, and BSC, as well as bulk production and support areas.

Our role at EMTEK Air is building the best and most cutting-edge air samplers on the market, and the R2S delivers flexibility, accuracy, and efficiency you can’t find anywhere else.

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V100 Controller

V100 CONTROLLEROne of the most important elements of any air sampling protocol is correctly controlling your air samplers. Although most microbial air samplers on the market are stand alone devices, only offering the capability of single sample site operation, EMTEK provides a versatile solution that enables you to operate/control several samplers at once, if desired, lowering your cost per sample location.

The V100 Controller can operate multiple sampling heads (e.g., R2S. RAS. And RCG), from a single sampler and up to four (4), and offers multiple flow rates (i.e., 28.3, 50, and 100 LPM), dependent on your monitoring needs. It features an IR remote control, which can control up to 5 V100’s; an on-board thermal label printer, to output and affix to your test plate all key sample run parameters; the ability to view or output data to through a network connection; and a sample memory buffer, from which to later access and output sample run data It’s also lightweight and has a small footprint, enabling you to move it from location to location without any hassle.

Every function of the V100 is accessible via the device’s large LCD screen. The touch-based interface is designed to be simple and easy to understand and use, saving time in training and testing. The case also includes an anti-microbial agent, MicrobanTM that helps keep the V100 from harboring and transferring contaminants from one area to the next

At EMTEK, we take pride in developing and building the most clean room friendly, accurate, and user-friendly air samplers on the market. All of our products are built to stand up to years of tough use but are also built with space concerns in mind; we know that you have limited space in your critical work environments, and we strive to provide samplers that can do incredible amounts of work but still offer small profiles.

Our V100 Controller is designed to provide you with versatile and effective solutions that support your specific air sampling needs. With optimal biological as well as physical collection efficiency, the versatile V100 controller, in conjunction with EMTEK’s line of air sampling heads (i.e., R2S, RCG, or RAS) is able to offer a variety of sampling rates, and configurations, to cover both routine and process monitoring. This product is just one example of how we look to move air sampling technology forward. By centralizing and connecting your air sampling processes, the V100 makes your work more efficient and more accurate.

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