• NEW “Hybrid” Microbial & Total Particulate HPD

    NEW “Hybrid” Microbial & Total Particulate HPD

    Contact EMTEK to learn about our new High Pressure Diffuser (HPD) for sampling of compressed Air/Gas Systems for Microbial Contaminants with our P100, or V100/RCG Microbial Air Samplers and/or Total Particulates via Laser Particle Counter.  The new HPD is Electropolished 316SS & allows for HEPA filtration of the exhausted volume.  The unit can be autoclaved, or chemically sanitized for Microbial Testing of critical systems.  The filtered exhaust also greatly reduces the output decibel level of the HPD.  The HPD can be configured for testing at 28.3-50, or 75-100 LPM sample rates.



    Unique compressed air/gas sampling device which allows for attachment and sampling of a compressed air/gas system with the use of unique autoclavable microbial high pressure diffuser.The diffuser works in conjunction with EMTEK’s P100 or V100/RCG compressed air/gas sampler package. For testing of Industrial Compessed Air/Gas system with adequate volumetric flow and pressure. The HPD body can configured for testing at 28.3 or 100 LPM with the P100, or 50 or 100 LPM for the V100/RCG.

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  • USP 797

    Based on USP [797] Based on USP [797] Guidance, to be effective May 1, 2008, Air Viable (microbial) particulate counts are required along side Total Air Particulate counts for Sterile Compounding Facility Certification. With the R2S or RAS Air Samplers alongside your total air particulate laser particle counter, you can meet both of these requirements. With the R2S, or RAS you can monitor bulk production, or support rooms (i.e., ISO 7 and ISO 8), as well critical ISO 5 environments (i.e., Rooms, LAF Hoods and Isolator Barriers) with the knowledge that you won’t add additional contaminants to that environment.

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  • Air Sampler Controllers

    Air Sampler Controllers

    (Image Left) The V100 Air Sampler Controller is our Premiere sampler controller which will operate our R2S, RCG and RAS Air Samplers, at flow rates of 28.3, 50, and 100 LPM. (Image Right) The R2SC Air Sampler Controller is our Standard air sampler controller, which can operate our R2S, RCG and RAS Air Samplers, at 28.3, or 50, LPM. The V100 or R2SC Controllers, in conjunction with your choice of air sampler, and flow rate, are ideal for meeting your environmental monitoring requirements for your ISO 6 through ISO 9 Production Areas, as well as In-Process monitoring of your critical ISO 5 Rooms, Hoods and Isolators.

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  • Versatile Microbial Air Sampling Solutions

    The P100 Microbial Air Sampler offers two CPU controlled sampling rates, 28.3 LPM (1 CFM), and 100 LPM, to allow for continuous monitoring of critical processes, or to take quick cubic meter “grab samples”. The sampled air volume is HEPA filtered prior to being exhausted at the unit, or remotely through optional attachments. The unit may be operated directly via its user-friendly LCD/Touch Screen interface, or through your Network (LAN) via PC based software, which allows for full operable control of all units connected to your Network.

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Versatile Microbial Air Sampling Solutions to Meet Your Needs

P100 Microbial Air Sampler P100 portable air sampler

EMTEK’s Microbial Air Samplers and Controller Systems were designed to operate in a variety of Critical Environments including LAF Hoods, BSCs, Isolators, Sterility Chambers, Filling Lines, Bulk Production Areas, Surgical Ampitheaters, and Compressed Air/Gas Systems, but are practical for use in almost any environment.


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